Getting to know our new MSPs

By Iain Brotchie, Head of External Relations (Scotland) at Royal Pharmaceutical Society

At the last Scottish Parliament election in May, over 40% of the MSPs who were elected had never served in the Parliament before. For many of them, there is low awareness of what pharmacy does these days beyond dispensing. Other services on offer, and other sectors of the profession, are a mystery to many of the new intake. Read more Getting to know our new MSPs

Opt-out of organ donation

By Paul Gimson, Director for Wales

Those unsure about how far the powers of devolved Governments extend, may want to consider the following:  the Welsh Government  has recently issued a white paper the objective of which is “to increase the number of organ and tissue donors in Wales, allowing more lives to be saved and to improve the quality of life of others.” Read more Opt-out of organ donation

Saving lives with early detection of lung cancer

Early detection of lung cancer saves lives. It’s as simple as that. Yet lung cancer is still the UK’s biggest cancer killer and survival rates have improved little since the 1970s. That’s why being aware of the key symptoms of lung cancer is so important. You need to recognise the symptoms to understand when you might need help. Read more Saving lives with early detection of lung cancer

Welcome to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s blog

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Health is something that all of us care about, and virtually all of us will at some time take a medicines, some of us take lots of medicines and some of us needs medicines to stay alive. Pharmacists have lots to say about medicines, whether its preventing harm through misuse, optimising their use or encouraging healthy choices to avoid illness, we have a view.

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