Patient Safety Programme in Scotland

By Annamarie McGregor, Professional Support Pharmacist for the RPS in Scotland

As part of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s commitment to medicines safety, the Local Practice Forums in Scotland have each been looking at specific elements of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP).  The discussion held at RPS on the 7th December linked in with the current work programme of the Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) and the implementation plans of their Strategic Plan in Secondary care. The ways in which this can be rolled out in Primary Care was a great incentive for all sectors of the Scottish pharmacy profession to come together and get involved in this debate. Read more Patient Safety Programme in Scotland

Welsh NHS Confederation Conference

 By Paul Gimson, Director for Wales

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be representing pharmacists and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society at the conference of the Welsh NHS Confederation  . The Confederation is the body that brings together the organisations that make up the NHS.

First up was the CEO, Helen Birtwhistle.  A few weeks ago, Helen reinforced the message that the NHS will fail  if it continues to do the same thing with less money, to the National Assembly for Wales.  She repeated this again at the conference but this time in front of the Minister for Health and Social Services, Lesley Griffiths, along with a clear message to all politicians that their support will be needed when the difficult decisions have to be made.  It was easy to see the subtext. Read more Welsh NHS Confederation Conference

Set the patient data free

By Dr Anthony R Cox, Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy University of Birmingham

This week David Cameron set out plans to open up NHS data, by making the sharing of NHS patient data for research the default position within the NHS. This initiative will save lives.

The focus of the media has been on the ability of the pharmaceutical industry to exploit the data for profit, and with modern day cynicism about the industry & concern about current NHS reforms it isn’t surprising to see this painted as an attempt to “privatize” the NHS. Others are concerned about the confidentiality of the data, in part fed by the same campaigners who opposed the now scrapped ID card. Read more Set the patient data free

Should you take the blue pill or pink pill? Why gender matters in medicines

By Virginia Watson, NAWP

We have all heard the expression Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, taking the position that women and men are as different as beings from different planets.

But how different are men and women when it comes to medicine? How much gender matters in medicine?

Read more Should you take the blue pill or pink pill? Why gender matters in medicines