From a diary of community pharmacist… smoking cessation services

by Lindsey Gilpin, pharmacist and EPB Chair

I have been a smoking councillor for about 10 years. I am happy to take on anyone and so far the age range has been 12-84 years old. The smoking cessation courses last for 6 weeks, although we, here in our pharmacy, would always support people for longer should they need it.

I suppose my typical client is probably about 30-40 years old and they have been smoking for about twenty years. They have come to realise that their health isn’t something that they can take for granted, as they did in their youth. Often there are children in the family and giving up is prompted by not wanting to expose them to second hand smoke or by slightly older children nagging them to give up. Read more From a diary of community pharmacist… smoking cessation services

Vitamin D deficiency in babies in UK

By Oliver Gillie BSc PhD FRSA, Health Research Forum

Breast milk would be perfect for babies if we lived like our distant ancestors in central Africa where the sun shines brightly almost everyday and we wore only light clothing or perhaps nothing at all. As it is breast milk of women in Britain and most of Europe contains very little vitamin D and not enough to keep babies in optimum health.

The sun is not strong enough in northern Europe to make any vitamin D for half the year and our cloudy climate means that even in summer we often get little vitamin D from one week to the next. So some 80% of the population have sub-optimal vitamin D levels of the sunshine vitamin in winter and even in summer some 50% are sub-optimal. Read more Vitamin D deficiency in babies in UK

Pharmacists promoting Dignity Action Day

By Annamarie McGregor, Professional Support Pharmacist for the RPS in Scotland

Today is Dignity Action Day.  This aims to contribute to upholding people’s rights to dignity and provide a truly memorable day for people receiving care. Dignity Action Day asks health and social care workers to take action in their place of work to promote dignity.

Over the last year, since I joined the RPS in Scotland, I’ve been working on a project to improve pharmaceutical care in Scotland.  This project has pulled together the best evidence we have about pharmaceutical care in care homes and reports on the different models of care deployed in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Read more Pharmacists promoting Dignity Action Day