Expiry dates on medicines

nealpatel2by Neal Patel, MRPharmS and RPS Head of Corporate Communications

Are you one of those people who take no notice of expiry dates on food? Do you take a chance and eat it anyway after the expiry date as you’ve had no problems so far?

If you take the same approach with medicines you could find yourself in trouble. Medicines can become harmful or lose their effectiveness after their expiry date, so you may become ill or find you don’t get better as you should. The shelf-life of a medicine is determined by the breakdown of the active ingredients and they will all deteriorate at different rates. Read more Expiry dates on medicines

Medicines optimisation in England

Heidi Wright

by Heidi Wright, Practice and Policy Lead for RPS England.

Helping patients get the best out of their medicines is one of the most important things a pharmacist can do. Earlier this year the Royal Pharmaceutical Society published guidance for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in England to help them do this. Read more Medicines optimisation in England