Saving lives with early detection of lung cancer

Early detection of lung cancer saves lives. It’s as simple as that. Yet lung cancer is still the UK’s biggest cancer killer and survival rates have improved little since the 1970s. That’s why being aware of the key symptoms of lung cancer is so important. You need to recognise the symptoms to understand when you might need help.

People experiencing symptoms, such as a persistent or worsening cough or frequent chest infections, will often self-medicate for some time before asking for help. Typically, people go to their local pharmacy and repeatedly buy remedies such as cough medicines, or maybe iron tablets for tiredness and a lack of energy. If you find yourself doing this, then next time why not ask your pharmacist for advice. It’s free, you don’t need an appointment and you can have a chat in a private consultation area – you don’t have to talk over the counter. Your pharmacist can talk to you about your symptoms and help you understand if your problem is minor or if it needs checking out with your GP.

Early detection leads to faster diagnosis and both are essential to improving survival and saving lives. If you have any worries about your health don’t delay – talk to a health professional such as a pharmacist for advice. You can also contact our helpline at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for further information.