Looking back on 2013

RPS logoby Jessica Sheridan-Sneyd

As a new member of staff at RPS I have been gaining an insight into the key pharmaceutical achievements of this last membership year. I’ve been struck by the hard work and energy that has gone into supporting significant developments, and ultimately into raising the profile of the profession.

Our commission Now or Never: Shaping the future for pharmacy suggests how future models of care could be delivered through pharmacy. We are working with the profession to make change happen and deliver better care for patients through pharmacy. Reference to the report was made in a House of Commons debate last week, and further changes will be made as we implement its recommendations.

Our well received reports on professional hospital standards and Homecare standards, supporting pharmacists in their day-to-day practice, is something we will be developing further this year. We also input to the Wilson and Barber Review and the Scottish Governments subsequent response Prescription for Excellence, demonstrating our commitment to the future of the profession.

We’ve been responding to pharmacy workforce consultations, ensuring that pharmacy remains a high quality profession focused on patient safety and care. We held a workforce summit and number of other events last year exploring the issues at hand, and as a result our online workforce hub was set up, keeping you up-to-date with our progress.

This January, we are helping to promote the NHS England campaign, The earlier, the better, and our own David Branford, English Board chair has signed a letter for The Times, urging the promotion of community pharmacies as an alternative to GP’s for common ailments as part of Pharmacy Voice’s Dispensing Health campaign.

In 2013 RPS was featured in national and regional media every two days on average, representing pharmacists as the experts in medicine. You can watch the latest media highlights video on our website. To raise the profile of the profession even further, we need your support; the new membership year starts on 1 March, just log-in to our website to renew.

Keep an eye out for next week’s blog which will look forward to our plans for 2014/5 and beyond. You can also access news and developments by following us on Twitter @rpharms.