RPS Fellowship – “a valuable career milestone”

barry2by Barry Jubraj,  FHEA, FFRPS, FRPharmS, Honorary Associate Professor, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & UCL School of Pharmacy

Becoming a Fellow

I have been a Fellow of the Society for a couple of years and still remember vividly my wife telephoning me at work to tell me the news.   So inspired was I by colleagues taking time out to do this for me, that I found out what I would need to do to nominate someone else for Fellowship.  I wanted others to experience the feeling I did; that the years of hard work has been worth it.

I trust that many Fellows have nominated others for this honour; but if you haven’t, please consider doing so. Fellowship is for members of our profession who have served with distinction, ‘over and above the day job’.  Yet my point is this:  our profession is littered with pharmacists of distinction who will be encouraged, motivated and inspired by receiving a Society Fellowship.  The process for putting a submission together is robust yet not overly complicated, and the effort involved is more than outweighed by the satisfaction of seeing others appropriately achieving FRPharmS.  I have now led two successful submissions for Fellowship and I understand that the affirmation gained by the recipients has been a valuable career milestone.

Recognition through the Faculty

Another initiative that is close to my heart is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Faculty, which has given our profession a Royal College.  Faculty membership allows pharmacists to receive recognition for their advanced practice, provides a mechanism for specialisation or advanced generalist practice; and it allows pharmacy to begin to mature as a truly clinical profession.  Essential for this is clinical leadership, which is why I encourage all Fellows to make a submission to join the RPS Faculty.  Not only will you set an example to all members of the Society, but we have the opportunity to populate the Faculty with those who have demonstrated distinction in their chosen profession, many of whom can provide the clinical leadership that is needed at this time.

Having achieved Faculty Fellowship, seen the Faculty assessment process and mentored Faculty applicants, I can assure Fellows that making a submission is much easier than I made it look when I went through the process!  Here are some tips:

  •  Go through each competency in the Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF) and find a maximum of one or two pieces of evidence for the highest stage you have reached
  • Then stop and move onto the next competency and do the same – don’t do what I did and waste time finding everything I ever did in the last 25 years related to that competency!
  • 60 pieces of evidence for a Faculty submission is perhaps too much and a waste of your time – trust me, I know!
  • Use the specific language of each competency to briefly explain how each piece of evidence shows that you have attained that competency at your chosen level
  • Check if each piece of evidence that you identify may be suitable as evidence for other APF competencies– but don’t ‘over map’ by tenuously relating evidence to a competency that it doesn’t really fit, as I tried to do
  • In summary: be selective in your choice of evidence and ensure that you describe how it meets the competency

So, to my fellow Fellows, a dual exhortation for the year ahead: get nominating and get applying!

The deadline for the next round of Fellow nominations is 22 April. Find out how to nominate a colleague.
The 2015 Faculty submission deadlines are 26 April and 28 September. Find out more about the Faculty.

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