The 14th Joint QP Symposium “cannot be more relevant to the modern day QP”

Eric 150by Eric Che MRPharmS,  Quality Assurance Manager and Qualified Person, St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust

One would suggest that the biggest challenge to all modern day QPs is to keep up to date with the constant evolving regulatory landscape whilst keeping afloat with day to day business.

In 2013 I attended the 13th Joint QP symposium organised by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Biology.  It was particularly reassuring to hear colleagues and QPs from various industries and backgrounds sharing similar challenges that I faced in my area of interest.  Beyond sharing challenges, they also shared their approaches in dealing with these challenges.  The panel question session provided opportunity for the attendees to interact with the speakers via posting questions.  There were many learning points that I noted from the panel question session.

The Joint QP Symposium is also the perfect opportunity to establish contacts and build up professional network as it is probably the main occasion which has such a high concentration of QPs.  It was useful to link up with other QPs outside of my organisation as I was the sole QP of my company at the time.

Soon after the symposium, I found myself heading a project in my company on establishing a new global supply chain. The knowledge and network I built up previously in the symposium proved to be invaluable and definitely helped me when delivering this project.

The symposium also touched on the topic of nurturing future generation of QPs and in particular the process of mentoring QP trainees.  It was particularly relevant to me because I had just started mentoring my colleague through his QP journey at the time and I am sure that the hints and tips that I picked up from the symposium helped.

I am looking forward to the forthcoming 14th Joint QP symposium, taking place on 22 April in London, which I will be attending with my then trainee.  A range of key topics will be discussed, from data integrity to legislation and regulatory requirements, and the theme of the symposium, QP responsibilities and the pharmaceutical supply chain, cannot be more relevant to the modern day QP.

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