My Faculty journey: peer testimonials

Facultyby Greg Lawton MRPharmS, Professional Standards Manager, Boots

In my second video blog, I talk about some of the resources that I’ve found useful, including the Faculty Handbook, and what’s involved in becoming a Faculty member. I offer some advice  around gathering peer testimonials and tell you why I think that if you’re considering Faculty membership, you should give it a go.

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About my video blogs

The RPS Faculty has opened its doors to members with two to 10 years’ experience. I am documenting my journey, from working through my portfolio to completing the Faculty Practice Assessment (FPA), through a series of video blogs, so that you can share my experiences with me and decide if you want take part in the next wave of assessments.

Please leave any questions or comments you have below and check back every couple of weeks to see how I’ve progressed!

About the RPS Faculty

The RPS Faculty is a professional development programme for RPS members which:

  • Supports your development by helping you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and the ways in which you can progress your knowledge and career
  • Enables you to record your development in an online portfolio, which can be used to help you submit your CPD record and will support Continuing Fitness to Practice
  • Demonstrate your advanced stage of practice to peers, employers and the public.

In May the RPS will be inviting members with two to 10 years’ experience who are building their portfolios to take part in the second wave of FPAs in Autumn, so submit your Faculty access form today to start building.


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