How you can promote pharmacy in the general election debate

charles blogBy Charles Willis, RPS Head of Public Affairs

In the run up to the general election this May, it’s important that pharmacy and the role of pharmacists are among the issues being discussed by the political parties.

Watch my video blog below to find out what the RPS is doing to promote the vital work of the pharmacy profession, and how you can help.

How you can help

You can help to raise the profile of the profession in the debates simply by talking to canvassers who come to your door. Ask them what they are going to do to ensure the role of pharmacists is better utilised in the healthcare system.

About our public affairs work

We engage in public affairs activity to ensure that Government policy reflects the priorities, concerns and aspirations of pharmacists.

We make the case for pharmacy across a range of issues important to pharmacists, communicating policies based on members’ views to ensure that the voice of pharmacy is heard at the highest levels. We engage with all relevant stakeholders to build consensus around public policies. We work with royal colleges, membership bodies, patient groups, regulator and other organisations to promote the role of pharmacists

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