Antimicrobial stewardship – are you doing your bit?

by Jacquie Sneddon, Project Lead for the Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the top threats to human healthcare with an estimated 50,000 deaths per year from resistant infection across Europe and the US. This figure will reach 10 million by 2050 unless we act now to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

With few new antibiotics in the pipeline we need to ensure we are using antibiotics appropriately – this means cut out unnecessary use and ensure when they are required that prescriptions comply with evidence-based guidance. This is the basis of antimicrobial stewardship. So what does this mean for pharmacists?

AMS is important in all sectors of pharmacy

Are you a hospital pharmacist?

Do you know which antibiotics should be used to treat infections in your patients and how microbiology investigations should be used to inform treatment? Do you remember your ‘bugs and drugs’ training so you can apply this to your practice?

AMS for a pharmacist working in primary care

Do you know how your GP Practice is performing on quantity and quality of antibiotic prescribing? Do you feel confident to educate and challenge your colleagues about prescribing and use of microbiology samples?

What AMS means for a community pharmacist

Are you confident in providing advice for patients about managing self-limiting infections, triaging patients with symptoms of infection and in challenging potentially inappropriate prescriptions for antibiotics?

Want to learn more about AMS in your setting?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO then we have a solution – join us for an interactive and fun day of education where you will refresh your knowledge about use of antibiotics find out how you can make a difference to AMR. Meet colleagues from all sectors of pharmacy and discuss your experience of antimicrobial stewardship with experts in infection. After the event challenge yourself to apply your learning to your own practice to bring benefits for your patients and help us in the fight against AMR.

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