The important thing to remember is: VOTE!

by Chris Bonsell, Locum Pharmacist and RPS West Yorkshire Steering Group Member

Benjamin Franklin once mused ‘Nothing can be certain, except death and taxes’. If he was alive today he might have included: …and nothing can be certain in the outcome of this year’s English Pharmacy Board elections! This year we see 14 nominations for only four substantive vacancies to the EPB.

Pharmacy has been going through great change for many years and the way we work is very different now from 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. Pharmacists are now more clinically focused, working in new and emerging roles and are leaders within systems and organisations which at one time would have seemed unthinkable. We play a more pivotal role in patient-centred care, educating the public and in the prevention of disease.

Members of the EPB have a responsibility to be effective in their representation of all pharmacists across all sectors and to be vanguards of the profession. They should be inspirational not only to those who elected them but also to pharmacists throughout the country still to join the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Each candidate exudes personality, strong views and, if the recent hustings are anything to go by, a fire in their bellies to win!

I implore all RPS members to read the candidates’ manifestos. Understand why they are running and what attributes they will bring to their time in office to be effective in leading the profession in the best direction possible.

Despite all the rhetoric and drama which comes with any election process, RPS members are not just voting for a candidate; they are voting for the future of the profession.

The important thing to remember is: VOTE!

Benjamin Franklin was a founding father of the United States. He was a visionary and did such a good job in office to be eternalised on the $100 bill today.

If, like him, our elected candidates have a determination to support and develop the members, a will strong enough to see their ideals in office through and a desire to improve the profession we are all part of then I cannot promise in 200 years an EPB member will be on a £100 note, however, I will buy them a well deserved drink.

See our elections page here. 

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