My week at RPS

Roshnee Patel, MPharms Student at King’s College London

What’s happening behind the scenes? As a pharmacy student it is very difficult to understand and know what is being done for us outside the four walls of our university. My week at RPS demonstrated to me how much support there is available after we graduate but also during our studies. Fortunately, I was able to spend some time within the marketing team and I got to see it all.

From just about knowing how to use Google calendar to now being able to structure, format and schedule social media posts, my time at RPS has enabled me to develop a wide range of my skill sets. In the RPS, opportunities are always knocking on your door. I was given the opportunity to write an email to students in Birmingham. Having had no previous experience in writing emails to such a large number of recipients, I was taught the do’s and don’ts and how to template my email. Within the marketing team, I also got to witness the amount of hard work which goes into planning and preparing for anything to be sent out to the public and making sure that whatever is being sent out is for the correct audience with the most useful information. Before anything is sent to the public it is prepared and checked way in advance. The FIP World Congress next year is being held in Glasgow and is being hosted by the RPS. Even though the event is over a year away, a tremendous amount of work is currently being done to make sure the event is the best. Having also got the chance to sit in on a meeting, I saw how the RPS have and are still developing programmes to help pharmacy students from their first day till their last and beyond that as well. When we’ve just finished our pre-reg year or we’re over 10 years into our career it is comforting to know that the RPS will be there to support and guide us if we need them. It was also great to see how the RPS are always highlighting the importance of pharmacists in the community and are continuously changing themselves to make our journeys easier.

From my experience I learnt that because pharmacy is such a fast changing field, it is important to take every opportunity you come across as it helps in developing yourself. If I had been asked at the beginning of the week where I see myself in the future I would’ve replied, ‘I see myself as a community pharmacist.’ If I was to be asked the same question now the answer would be very different. The truth is I don’t know. Whilst being here I spoke to a number of people within the RPS team, I saw how a degree in pharmacy can take you to different places. None of them had planned their journey completely, a lot were approached by opportunities which they then took and these enabled them to explore different aspects of pharmacy. From them I learnt that it’s important not to plan too much, have a goal but be open to change.

This experience has been eye opening and shown me a new side to pharmacy. I am grateful for being given this opportunity as an intern and would recommend it to everyone. I am excited to continue my degree and see where my journey will take me.

Who knows I may even come back to work for the RPS?

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