What is a Qualified Person (QP) and how can I become one?

What is a Qualified Person (QP)?

QPs assure the quality of our medicines, so it’s important they’re well trained and fully understand how pharmaceuticals are manufactured.

As a QP you’ll be legally responsible for certifying batches of medicinal products before they’re used in clinical trials or available on the market. You’ll also need to understand the factors that can affect the safety of medicines and supply chains.

Careers as a Qualified Person

QPs often work in pharmaceutical companies, but they can also work in the NHS departments authorised to manufacture investigational medicinal products.

How can I become a QP?

  1. First, find a sponsor – your sponsor will support you during your qualifying experience and training, provide a report on your ability to act as a QP and verify your application form.
  2. Gain relevant experience – pharmacists only need one year’s experience in a facility authorised to manufacture medicinal products, but if you’re not a pharmacist you’ll need at least two years’ experience.
  3. Once your sponsor agrees that you’re ready you can submit your application form to your professional body (if you’re a pharmacist, that’s the RPS). You’ll also need to submit your sponsor’s report and countersigned copies of your certificates.
  4. We’ll let you know as soon as your application is received, and it will be assessed by QP Assessors.
  5. Finally, you’ll be invited to an interview in London (see our Guidance Notes for more information). If successful, you’ll be added to the RPS QP eligibility list and receive a certificate stating that you are officially a Qualified Person.

There are more details on our QP webpage.

Want to stay up-to-date with developments in the QP sector? Join us for our 16th Joint QP Symposium and network with colleagues from across three professional bodies: the RPS, The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society of Biology.

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