The RPS Faculty – What’s it all about?

SPB Sandra Melville_tifBy Sandra Melville, Fellow of the Faculty, FFRPS, a Fellow of the Society, FRPharmS, and a Member of the Scottish Pharmacy Board.

2013 saw the launch of the RPS Faculty amidst a fervent fanfare of rejoicing, frenetically followed by a rush of “First Wavers” who put their summers on hold (not such a sacrifice, some may argue, in Scotland, where it fell on a Tuesday!) in order to be amongst the first to attain Faculty membership. But what was all the fuss about, who is the Faculty for and why should pharmacists bother with what will inevitably be yet another extra-curricular activity? Good questions.

It’s hard to overstate what a landmark the creation of a Faculty for pharmacists actually is. It finally provides us with our own system of professional recognition – as our medical colleagues have had for years. It’s not so much that it raises the bar for us – it provides that bar in the first place! And the beauty of it is that it has been carefully created to accommodate all sectors of practise. It acknowledges our skills, experience and expertise and recognises the many, many ways we provide excellent patient care.

It provides a mechanism whereby patients and the public can see that the pharmacist looking after them is a highly skilled healthcare professional and it gives, as never before, a valuable guide for employers to appreciate the level of expertise attained by their employees. Indeed, membership of the Faculty is already appearing on the desired person specification of potential employees.

Who is it for? Everyone! Will you have to spend some of your own valuable time on achieving membership? Very probably. Will it be worthwhile? Absolutely!

We will be holding a “Faculty Evening” in the Edinburgh Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Scotland office on 21st January – come along and find out more, including a demonstration of how to build that portfolio! All welcome.

If you would be interested in joining us for this event, please contact Carolyn Rattray on either 0131 524 2005 or