RPS Local in Scotland: Bringing RPS closer to you (Part 2, Interview with Annamarie McGregor)

Annamarie McGregorArticle by Annamarie McGregor, RPS Practice Development Lead

The RPS Local model has been created to enable greater 360-degrees of engagement between our members with the work of the RPS.

Aligning with NHS Board areas and having a local funded volunteer coordinator has already made this easier as we focus on developing a programme of up to five events per year in the first instance. My vision is that RPS Local brings the RPS Vision for pharmacists and strategic goals to reality by providing an opportunity to bring RPS Policies, Standards and Guidance to life in practical ways that will make a positive difference in day to day practice. Events will also be based on practice hot topics e.g. the identifying and reducing opioid analgesic dependence and will be a mixture of face to face and webinars.

We are also looking at innovative ways to promote the role of the pharmacists – e.g events in local schools to highlight and improve health literacy or anti-microbial stewardship. I would also like to see best practice, research and mentoring embedded in RPS Local and linked to RPS Foundation and Faculty.

I know how much pressure pharmacists feel in their day to day practice wherever they work and I look forward to identifying ways to reduce this by joint events with providers like Pharmacist Support. This will be a balance of honing or developing new skills or approaches, professional empowerment and identifying areas where RPS should be lobbying for change e.g. protected learning time or bureaucracy busting.

RPS Local will also adopt a charity each year and I am delighted that this will be Pharmacist Support for 2017/18.

Please note: We have gaps for RPS Local coordinators in Borders, Highlands and Lanarkshire. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

All RPS Local events in Scotland in 2018 will be available for booking through the RPS event page. Dates and venues to be announced in due course. If you want to get instant updates on any of our local events, please follow @RPSScotLocal on Twitter

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