RPS Local in Scotland: Bringing RPS closer to you (Part 4, Interview with Andrew Carruthers)

Article by Andrew Carruthers, RPS local coordinator for Glasgow

I am Andrew Carruthers. I am two years qualified and currently work in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde as a Medicines Information Pharmacist, with a clinical role in Care of the Elderly and Stroke. I completed my pre-registration year in hospital, but I also do the occasional locum at the weekends so have some exposure to Community Pharmacy.

As an early years pharmacist I want to help focus on supporting newly qualified and fellow early years pharmacists. For my first event, I arranged a Career Speed Dating evening to allow students, pre-registration and early years pharmacists to gain insight into some of the variable and exciting, roles available in pharmacy. I think it is important to make people aware of these roles early on so they can aspire to them and realise that even if one aspect of pharmacy is not for them, there is plenty of scope for other roles.

From talking to local pharmacists, I think increasing workplace stress is a hugely important issue facing pharmacists across all sectors and just like everyone we don’t discuss this enough and the impact it can have. Pharmacist Support is a charity that can help with some aspects including a confidential helpline and financial assistance and since discovering their existence I have tried to highlight this where possible.

I hope to create a network of support for pharmacists. The RPS events are a great opportunity to network and build professional and personal relationships, but I would like to try extending that beyond just meeting face to face every couple of months. An online support forum or tool would be a great way to continue the conversations from events and ask each other for advice when needed. This is especially important with the increased need for better communication and understanding between roles. I hope to get some more feedback about this from members during the RPS Local events.

Our next RPS Glasgow event will be the Todd Lecture at Strathclyde University on 14 March. More details to be announced soon.

All RPS Local events in Scotland in 2018 are available for booking through the RPS event page. New dates and venues are published every week. If you want to get instant updates on any of our local events, please follow @RPSScotLocal on Twitter.

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