Join me on the first step of my Faculty journey


by Greg Lawton MRPharmS, Professional Standards Manager, Boots

I recently re-joined the RPS because I was attracted by what the Faculty has to offer. The RPS Faculty has opened its doors to members with two to 10 years’ experience. I will be documenting my journey, from working through my portfolio to completing the Faculty Practice Assessment (FPA), through a series of video blogs, so that you can share my experiences with me and decide if you want take part in the next wave of assessments.

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My Faculty Journey

JOnathan Burtonby Jonathan Burton

I guess I had several motivations for wanting to join the RPS Faculty. I liked the idea of gaining some recognition for being committed to my job, always trying to do things better and taking a real interest in my profession. I also thought it would be a useful process in terms of helping me identify my weak areas of practice, I’m a contractor as well as a patient facing pharmacist so I find it quite difficult to access peer review, I’ve always sort of made up my professional development as I’ve gone along! Read more My Faculty Journey