My Faculty journey: peer testimonials

Facultyby Greg Lawton MRPharmS, Professional Standards Manager, Boots

In my second video blog, I talk about some of the resources that I’ve found useful, including the Faculty Handbook, and what’s involved in becoming a Faculty member. I offer some advice  around gathering peer testimonials and tell you why I think that if you’re considering Faculty membership, you should give it a go. Read more My Faculty journey: peer testimonials

What 2014 has in store for pharmacy

jessby Jessica Sheridan-Sneyd

In last week’s blog I talked about some of the key achievements we saw in 2013. I now want to look forward across 2014 – because it’s going to be one busy year!

We will be continuing our work in many areas, pushing for developments in vital areas of practice and policy. You may already know that we’ve just launched our Foundation Pharmacy Framework, an invaluable resource designed to support foundation level pharmacists to develop professional skills and behaviours and practice safely and effectively in all areas of practice.

Read more What 2014 has in store for pharmacy

The RPS Faculty – What’s it all about?

SPB Sandra Melville_tifBy Sandra Melville, Fellow of the Faculty, FFRPS, a Fellow of the Society, FRPharmS, and a Member of the Scottish Pharmacy Board.

2013 saw the launch of the RPS Faculty amidst a fervent fanfare of rejoicing, frenetically followed by a rush of “First Wavers” who put their summers on hold (not such a sacrifice, some may argue, in Scotland, where it fell on a Tuesday!) in order to be amongst the first to attain Faculty membership. But what was all the fuss about, who is the Faculty for and why should pharmacists bother with what will inevitably be yet another extra-curricular activity? Good questions. Read more The RPS Faculty – What’s it all about?