Drug-resistant TB

Toby Capstickby Toby Capstick, Lead Respiratory Pharmacist & Member of the British Thoracic Society MDRTB Clinical Advice Service

Last night’s  Inside Out report for BBC One London Tackling drug-resistant TB in London described how tuberculosis is on the increase in London. A serious concern is that an increasing number of patients are being identified with strains of TB that are resistant to the most effective antibiotics used to treat the disease.

Rates of TB in the UK as a whole have remained relatively steady since 2005. They had risen over the previous two decades, in contrast to most other developed countries where TB rates had remained stable or had fallen. Public Health England reported that there were a total of 8,751 cases of TB in the UK in 2012, and resistance to at least one antibiotic was found in almost 1 in every 13 people diagnosed with TB. Read more Drug-resistant TB