GPhC Pre-registration assessment update

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The GPhC recently released their Pre-registration Autumn Bulletin for 2015, this contained a great deal of information regarding the recent changes to the assessment in 2016, much of it new. We’ve created a breakdown of the most important points and how they impact you, giving you plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming assessment in June.

The Pre-registration manual has been re-organised making its content easier to find. Section 5 contains much of the information on the updated exam format, and contains sample examination questions, we recommend you have a thorough read through to familiarise yourself with this new format.

The exam –
Paper one is a calculation paper, with 40 questions and 2 hours for completion. Calculators are allowed, and the answers are given in free text format (not multiple choice).

The recent announcement specifies that you must bring your own calculator and it must be one of the following models: Casio MX8-S, Aurora HC133, and Aurora DT210. These are different to the scientific models you will be familiar with using for your A-levels and university. We recommend buying one now and using it for your revision so that you are familiar with its functions during the exam.

Paper two is a non-calculator paper, but may still contain simple calculations. It has 120 questions and 2½ hours for completion. The exam has two question types, single best answer (where a few answers may be correct but the most appropriate answer is needed) and extended matching (these are scenario based, and test application of knowledge). The recent announcement provided examples of these two question types.

The Registration Assessment Framework –
The exam syllabus has been replaced by a registration assessment framework. We strongly recommend that you use this as the basis for your revision, it contains percentage weighting which highlights how likely each topic is to come up from high to medium and low. Use this to direct your learning, alongside the BNF and the MEP.

For some extra support with your learning we recommend you attend one of our pre-registration mock exam and revision courses. Occurring in London, Birmingham, Manchester, with further dates being announced in Cardiff and Newcastle.

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