FOCUS on reflection in your MPharm coursework

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Mohsin Salim , RPS Student Champion

So you want to excel in your Mpharm coursework!!! Well I know of a few tips and tricks up my sleeves where you would be able to ace all your forthcoming deadlines.
Well first of all make sure you pick the correct model of reflection as it can make a big difference to your end result. Either it’s as simple as Gibbs or as complex as Johns it is absolutely vital that you are comfortable and competent in using the template.

Secondly, which I am always being told about by my tutors and friends is that you must FOCUS on your reflection. What I mean by this is that whenever we write a reflection we often tend to go off on a tangent and our writing ends up reflecting on about something else than we had originally intended. So by simply stating a focus at the beginning of the reflection and by constantly looking back at it can help us to retain our focus on the reflection.

Thirdly, whenever we encounter an invaluable experience and you get this innate feeling that it might just be something to reflect upon make sure you keep a record of the events that occurred. In fact, I would recommend a diary where you keep a record of the hourly events that unravelled along the way. I say this because as someone myself I often get laid back and don’t write up my reflections as soon as possible hence I often forget what had occurred during that time. DON’T make this mistake and make sure you write up your reflections whenever you get some spare time. Finally, to end on a positive note whenever you have written up some reflections you should try to obtain some feedback from your peers. It’s always a good ideal to peer review each other’s work as not only do you obtain feedback but lifelong skills of providing feedback in a coherent and positive manner.

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