New Year, new career! – How the RPS can fuel your ambitions

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As 2015 has drawn to a close and a new year begins, many pharmacists are considering where to take their career next. Career development is a continuous process occurring over the entirety of your working life, so whether you’re trying to improve your skills to advance your current position, or seeking to move into an entirely new role, we provide numerous tools for career development, enabling you to gain a solid footing and achieve your ambitions, whatever they may be.

A great place to start your career development is by updating your CV. Throughout the past year you’ve undoubtedly acquired additional skills and experience which will make you desirable to employers, so make sure to update your CV and covering letter to highlight this. We have great guides on CV construction, how to write a  covering letter and interview tips that many members have found really useful, so be sure to have a look.

If you’re interested in finding a new position, then have a think about where you want to apply. Pharmacy is a diverse field, with pharmacists working on the high street, in hospitals and industry, as well as in academia, journalism and the armed forces. The great thing about pharmacy is that you really can work in many different areas. The best place to look for vacancies is the PJ jobs website, so get applying! Many pharmacists choose to try their hand at locuming alongside their current positions, which can be a great way to acquire skills and experience; have a look at our guide about locuming, which covers all of the basics to get you started.

Another great way to develop your career and demonstrate your abilities to peers and employers is to enrol on the Faculty programme. This is a professional development programme for pharmacists of all experience levels, and it’s free for members to access resources and the online portfolio. Members with more than 2 years’ experience who go through the assessment process  can showcase what they have achieved to employers, providing you with the opportunity to progress to where you want to be.

If you need any additional support, and wish to seek advice and guidance from a pharmacist with experience in a sector you’re interested in, check out the mentoring service; this provides you with the chance to network with a more experienced pharmacist and seek ideas on where to take your career. Or you could become a mentor yourself, to seek further professional development in anticipation of securing a management position.

The RPS has a great deal to offer pharmacists, there’s an array of resources available; be sure to take a look at what’s out there and good luck with your career in 2016!

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