Five Tips on Stress Management

Reshma ImageFive Tips on Stress Management – by Reshma Bance


Leaving a sufficient amount of time to revise is vital to success. To ensure this is the case, organise a structured timetable and don’t forget to include some time for some relaxation and socialising. During your timetabled hours, if you feel that you are not studying effectively, then take a short break. (Be careful not to let a short break turn into a couple of hours!) Planning and scheduling is key to your success, and can prevent you feeling stressed out.

Enjoy It!

Make your revision fun to keep you motivated. Whether this involves using multi-coloured index cards, mind mapping or even creating a catchy song to help you remember those all important facts, you do what best suits you. Take some of the chore out of studying!


Your diet plays an important role in your stress levels. You may get into the habit of thinking, “Red Bull, Coffee, Monster, I need it.” No, you don’t! In excessive amounts, these drinks can actually make your thinking less clear by giving you a sugar or caffeine high, followed by a crash. Instead, eating a healthy balanced diet and modifying your sugar and caffeine intake will provide you with the nutrients that your brain needs to focus.


Do not underestimate the power of regular exercise in helping you to de-stress. Exercise causes endorphins, resulting in improved mood, concentration and mental health. It doesn’t have to be strenuous; even try out some yoga to help clear your mind and reduce any stress that may be building. No doubt, feeling calm will improve your concentration and even help you to sleep better.

Stay Motivated!

Believe in yourself and keep things in perspective. You can actively challenge those irrational thoughts and beliefs, by simply telling yourself that “I CAN do this” and “I WILL do this”! Positivity and self-belief can work wonders for your motivation when you’re feeling low, and eradicate stress.

Best of Luck for now!
Reshma Bance
Student, Medway School of Pharmacy

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