How to balance your studies and your social life

David Beaumont - PhotoAt last, summer is just around the corner but you’ll probably have to tackle exams before you can officially switch into ‘summer mode’. At this time of year many of you will be busy revising but it’s really important that you get the balance right between your revision, part-time work and relaxing.
Here’s my advice to help you achieve this balance and make this upcoming exam season your best yet…

Revision doesn’t mean it’s the end of your social life either! Ensure that you enjoy some well-deserved chill-out time – I’d recommend to put together weekly revision plans to help you balance your time effectively. Doing this will make sure you give yourself enough time to revise everything you need to as well as making sure you incorporate plenty of time to relax, then you’ve got activities to look forward to throughout the week that will keep you motivated whilst revising. Go for a swim, organise a bike ride to get some fresh air or head to the cinema with some friends – basically anything that takes your mind off revision, which will allow you to return to your revision notes feeling fresher and ready to go.

Also, avoid any ‘heavy’ nights out – take a break from these when your exams approach and you can look forward to celebrating with your friends once your exams are over.

If you have a part-time job, you also need to make sure that you balance that with revision and relaxing. Don’t commit to too many hours – let your boss know in advance that you’ll be busy revising and use your shifts wisely as a way of breaking up your revision, rather than hindering it.

I hope you find this advice useful and all goes well in your upcoming exams! I just want to leave you with one of my favourite quotes to spur you on through your revision:

“Some people dream of success, whilst others wake up and work hard at it” – Winston Churchill

Work hard, play hard, have loads of confidence and give it all you’ve got!

Good luck!

David Beaumont
3rd Year Pharmacy Undergraduate
The University of Nottingham

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