Recognition for you…how you can stand out in a competitive environment

Royal Pharmaceutical 89 - Nahim KhanNahim Khan, (MFRPSI MRPharmS) community pharmacist explains how the Faculty and Foundation programmes demonstrate their ability to make you stand out from the crowd.

Why did you become a Faculty member?

I initially started the Faculty process as I wanted the recognition of the hard work and commitment I had put into my professional development, also to gain a head start with the GPhC’s upcoming continuous quality improvement.


How has the Faculty benefitted you and your career?

In pharmacy we tend to reflect on things going wrong, try to make sense of the situation and act on it. The Faculty was different; it was about reflecting on your achievements. This was a great confidence boost and has propelled me to follow more opportunities. I now have a portfolio that I can take to appraisals or job interviews.


Why would you recommend the Faculty to a colleague?

Identifying strengths and weaknesses highlights key areas which allows you to prioritise your development. The process will ensure you have a well-rounded skill set and experience that would support patient safety. You’ll also receive a Professional Development Plan (PDP). This is a really useful document providing an objective view on your current development and objectives for the next five years.


Anything else that you would like to share with potential Faculty members?

Consider benefitting from the support of an experienced colleague and look for a Faculty mentor. You could also take a look at the RPS online support webinars or see if there are any LPF Faculty events in your area. My face to face assessment was a highlight in my career as the feedback from the expert assessors stated that I had solid knowledge and were impressed by my enthusiasm.

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