Keeping up to date as a locum pharmacist

Daniel Sutcliffe - 150Working as a locum pharmacist provides the opportunity to experience lots of different working environments and ways of practicing. However, being self-employed places a large responsibility on your shoulders for keeping up date with current practices in pharmacy. Alongside new medicines and clinical guidelines there’s also new systems and processes being rolled out all the time. With so much change occurring it’s essential for pharmacists to be on top of their game.

Firstly I’d encourage all pharmacists, especially those working in community pharmacies to keep themselves informed of the ongoing community pharmacy reforms.

A great way to demonstrate that you’re ahead of the curve is through engagement with the Faculty and Foundation programmes. After completing the programme you’ll be able to show peers and employers that you’ve been assessed by fellow pharmacists and awarded a level reflecting your advanced practice, this will also ensure that you’re one step ahead when it comes to CPD and revalidation.

Although self-employed locums lack the hierarchy of support which permanent staff can turn to the RPS does provide tools to help, alongside the member enquiry service which can answers anything from legal and ethical questions to careers advice, members can attend RPS events, which allow you to expand your network of pharmacists and learn new relevant skills.

For more support as a locum pharmacist become a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and join our locum group.

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