Identifying Leadership to help build your Faculty portfolio

Susan Ibrahim editedby Susan Youssef MFRPSII MRPharmS

Leadership inspires pharmacists and their teams to achieve high standards of performance and personal development. The Faculty leadership cluster ties into this by allowing you to record the many instances where leadership has been applied successfully as a pharmacist. Initially the way I approached the leadership cluster was by referring to the framework competencies and comparing these to my CPD records and my CV, I then selected suitable examples which I could use for the leadership cluster.

As part of my role as a pharmacist I am involved in strategy and planning, which is an element of Leadership, I was surprised by how much of my current practice falls under the leadership cluster. I am currently involved in the use of national strategy to influence what my team members do, such as the use of audit to assess practice and find out how it can be improved. I carried out an audit following the NPSA Warfarin alert which helped us to identify any poorly controlled patients taking warfarin. I was able to map across many of the activities which I undertook during clinical audit to meet the required leadership competency.

There are other behaviours which are related to leadership, such as influencing governance policy in your workplace, and applying Innovation and vision. These can be met in a number of different ways such as setting up and delivering a training event with the aim of improving practice.
If you are a manager or the head of a department you may be involved in developing your staff through appraisals or supervising projects. Alternatively you may have had a big role in resolving staff matters like conflict or low morale, both of these demonstrate good leadership skills. Strong leaders tend to be motivated individuals and will have examples of self-directed learning activities as well as inspiring the team they work with.

The Faculty allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my practice, I am now much more aware of the many opportunities for demonstrating leadership within the scope of my role as a pharmacist. This can involve improving things in your department or on a local to national level.

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