Careers advice for Recently qualified pharmacists

HarpreetOn Thursday 5th of May recently qualified pharmacists gathered together for our Pharmacy Careers event, looking for guidance and advice on where a career in pharmacy can take them and what they can do to realise their ambitions.

Ash Soni, the president of the RPS, opened the event discussing the emerging opportunities for pharmacists who are willing to embrace change. He described how resilience is a crucial skill for modern pharmacists and that emerging new roles for pharmacists provided exciting opportunities in the near future.

“The only limit to your career within Pharmacy is your imagination” – Ash Soni

Harpreet Shergill described his experiences as a pharmacist from across a diverse career, and talked about how working in a community pharmacy provided the skills and experience required for his many different roles. Harpreet has worked across a range of different sectors and advises pharmacists to make the most of networking opportunities to meet important contacts.

“Look up, build and use your network” – Harpreet Shergill

Claire Thompson described how a career in industry can allow you to move between small and large companies, as well as between academia, hospital and community. Claire advised pharmacists not to wait for opportunities to come to them, and to build a resume and actively seek roles in sectors and companies which suit them.

“Build your personal brand and reputation. Make the opportunities and take control of your career” – Claire Thompson

Gino Martini described how his role as a split practitioner, lecturing at Kings College London and working at Roche pharmaceuticals has given him insight into what is possible with a pharmacy career. He described how the industry is now truly global, and pharmacists seeking work in the industrial sector should look for opportunities not just in the UK, but in Europe, the USA and Asia too. Gino also gave advice for pharmacy interviews: be positive about your previous experiences, maintain good eye contact and if you have to give a presentation make sure that you practice.

“Be part of your professional body. This gives you more opportunities and demonstrates to employers you take professionalism seriously” – Gino Martini

Pharmacy is a diverse profession, and with new opportunities arising it is possible for your degree to take you anywhere. With the right support and guidance a career in pharmacy can be rewarding, diverse and enjoyable.

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