Maximising efficiency in hospitals from a grass roots level: Implementing the Carter review

Anthony sinclairEarlier this year Lord Carter published his review into NHS trusts, outlining how efficiency savings could be made if hospitals were able to standardise procedures, increase their transparency and integrate more effectively with the local NHS architecture.

The review summarised a number of key recommendations to ensure that the NHS gets the best value possible from its £102 billion budget, and outlined a strategy to maximise efficiency, allowing patients to access high quality care every day of the week regardless of their region.

Anthony Sinclair and Parisa Mirbod, who will be speaking on implementing the Carter review at the RPS conference this year, believe that if the report is to have the desired effect on NHS efficiency, and ultimately patient care, then pharmacists must not leave its implementation up to senior management alone.


They will argue that the strong recommendations for reform of the NHS must not only occur in a top down manner, and that the challenge now facing pharmacists is to drive this change locally from a grass roots level.

It is imperative, they suggest that pharmacists are involved in this process, and by using the concepts of quality management and linking their development to the Faculty, pharmacists will be able to ensure that the Carter review and the subsequent recommendations result in lasting change for the NHS.


They will outline his recommendations for practicing pharmacists, involving strategies to build careers and manage people, and describing how we can better Parisaarticulate our ability to be part of the solution of NHS efficiency.

The RPS conference will be in Birmingham, Sunday 4 September – Monday 5 September 2016. Find out more about key issues affecting pharmacy and how we can solve them. Book your place on the RPS Annual Conference for early bird discounts.

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