Congratulations to Nadia Bukhari on her achievements as the youngest Female Asian Fellow

Nadia SmallNadia Bukhari has been interviewed by National and International media, as she makes history being the youngest Asian and youngest female to be awarded the status of Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Being a Fellow is the highest recognition that is awarded to RPS members and is an honour which recognises excellence in an individual’s pharmacy career.

Recently, Nadia was invited by BBC Asian Network for an interview to speak of her accomplishments and to motivate women in her community, who wish to have a career and manage having a family.

Nadia has been interviewed by Geo News, Pakistan’s leading news channel and will be appearing on their news channel both in the UK and in Pakistan.  In addition, her achievements have been celebrated in Pakistan’s prominent papers ‘The News’ and ‘Daily Jung’ which has brought further media attention. Nadia’s story has been published in Asian-led online media pages, which has encouraged many within the community.

This is not the first time Nadia has appeared in the media.  Last year, she had her own TV show on the world’s leading Muslim channel titled ‘Health is Wealth’ where she invited a range of guests from pharmacists to doctors to nurses, to discuss and advise on a variety of medical conditions.

“There is plenty more to come.” – Nadia

Nadia believes in being a strong advocate for career women with a family, as she wants to encourage women that it is possible to do both. Nadia is very passionate about being a pharmacist and an academic and she hopes to continue championing her profession and inspiring others.

Find out more about our work to promote women in Pharmacy.

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