Supporting The Changing Role of Pharmacists within Primary Care

By Paul Gimson MRPharmS

Improving medicines safety and ensuring quality improvement are vital components required for the maintenance and growth of any modern healthcare system. There are a multitude of healthcare professionals which make valuable contributions to this field, but as pharmacists increasingly find themselves working in new sectors, including primary care, the opportunity for the profession to increase its impact on quality improvement is expanding. 1000 lives Wales started as a two year healthcare improvement initiative, seeking to save 1000 lives and prevent 50,000 episodes of harm within NHS Wales. The campaign initially ran from 2008 until 2010, however after reaching its initial goals the methodology used by the campaign was expanded into new areas, forming 1000 lives improvement which continues to this day.

In 2015-16 we worked with over 40 partners to deliver 182 events, and through our ‘improving quality together’ programmes we’ve provided training to over 8,000 people. Together with NHS Wales working with the aim to reduce harm and improve patient safety we’ve been involved in quality improvement programmes, designing services related to maternity care to mental health.

I work with 1000 lives Wales as the lead for primary care, seeking to integrate our philosophy of quality improvement within this sector. The emerging roles for pharmacists within the primary care sector in GP practices and care homes, which we’ve seen becoming increasingly widespread across Wales as part of the new primary care plan for Wales, form an integral part of this strategy.

I’ll be speaking at the RPS conference this year to highlight the importance of quality improvement.. I will discuss the new primary care model that is emerging in Wales, and the changing and growing role that pharmacists are playing in it.

The RPS conference will be held in Birmingham, Sunday 4 September – Monday 5 September 2016. Find out more about key issues affecting pharmacy and how we can solve them.

To secure your place at the RPS 2016 Annual Conference visit:

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