Why should you attend the ‘Women in Leadership: Survive and Thrive’?

by Emma Davies, Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner and Research Fellow at Swansea University.

Women form the majority of the pharmacy workforce and yet, are still under-represented in senior roles across all sectors. This Women in Leadership event is looking to explore some of the issues faced by women working in healthcare and how we can work together to overcome them.

My contribution

I am looking to share my experience of workplace bullying and how I have tried to turn negative experiences into motivation to succeed. I am hoping that by being open about what I have faced, it will encourage people who may be going through a similar experience to know that it doesn’t have to continue or prevent them from realising their potential. I am looking forward to hearing from attendees about how they might have dealt with similar experiences and what I can learn from that to strengthen my future and those I support. 

Other speakers

We have fantastic female role-models in pharmacy and this event has brought some of them together to tell their inspiring stories. The day will provide plenty of chances to discuss how we can learn from them, in terms of following a successful career path or to support colleagues to do the same. Also, to gain insight into what is needed to increase women’s professional profiles and how that might be achieved in order for women feel able to flourish in whichever role they choose to pursue.

All are welcome!

This is an open event not a women-only event, so I am hoping that all our colleagues will benefit from hearing and contributing to the discussions of the obstacles women face. It will be interesting to get an insight into how women are viewed from ‘the other side’ as they are undoubtedly not the only people who face setbacks. I am keen to learn if there is a difference in approach to those problems, and what we can learn from that in to improve working relationships and mutual support in the workplace.

Developing a support network

The event is designed to be a sharing experience, with the presenters really just framing the conversations. The vital part of the day will be the interactions between attendees, sharing experiences from a wide range of perspectives. This is a positive move by the RPS, to move dialogue into an open and supportive forum. I hope that people will engage with the day directly or that if unable to attend, it will prompt similar conversations locally to enable women to feel in control of their future.

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