A liver is not just for Christmas

By Paul Gimson, Director for Wales

At this time of year many people’s thoughts, my own included, turn to personal health & fitness, and resolving how to improve it over the forthcoming year. Many of us would have made New Year’s resolution after the overindulgence of Christmas and see the new year as an opportunity for self-improvement. A tempting concept can be that of liver detox, which usually involves some sort of enforced regime of abstinence, dieting and sometimes even taking miracle cures that claim to purge the body of all of evil toxins.

Unfortunately it seems there is no real scientific evidence that this ‘detox’ approach has any benefit . The body’s own ‘detox’ systems, namely the kidneys and liver, are perfectly capable of doing this when coupled with a reasonably healthy lifestyle that doesn’t have to involve monk-like regimes of good behaviour. Earlier this month the British Liver Trust criticised the trend for January liver detoxes, calling them ‘medically futile’.

A far better approach, they argue, is not to focus on a once a year ‘quick fix’ but to look toward a more long term attitude to liver health.  The ‘Love you Liver’ campaign advocates simple lifestyle tips, which I personally agree with and I am going to turn into my own new years resolutions; stay off alcohol for 2-3 days at a time, avoid fatty foods and take regular exercise.

Wish me luck, and even better, why not join me! Happy New Year, all!

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  1. Totally agree, Paul. The idea that a couple of weeks detox can solve all your problems is wishful thinking. Good luck in your resolutions!

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