Procrastinate not – attend a RPS Faculty surgery

Hcrook150x150By Harry Crook, Owner of a community pharmacy in North Wales

First, let’s get one thing straight. Anyone who knows me will know I didn’t do this whole Faculty thing spontaneously! I was asked to do it and I said ‘yes’. However, anyone who knows me will ALSO know that I wouldn’t have said ‘yes’, if I wasn’t moved to do so!

It would be something of an understatement to say that I am less than proficient at recording my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) entries. I attend courses and I discover gaps in my knowledge all the time. I learn new things every day, most of which I should have learned years ago! But, and I know I am not alone, I am always ‘too busy’ to make the relevant entry. Clearly I’m not. But I like to tell myself that I am. And anyone else who will listen.

So I signed up to the Faculty. I joined something. I’m good at that! I thought it might help my procrastination problem when it came to CPD. And then, of course, I was far too busy to read the instructions. In all honesty, I had NO idea what I had joined. Not for the first time! I had a printout from the website in my ‘to do’ tray for months. Every time it got to the top, I swiftly moved it back to the bottom. I was definitely too busy for that!

And then, out of the blue, came an invitation to attend a Faculty surgery. Furthermore, it was in the evening. And I wasn’t already out that night. I had no excuse to miss it. I signed up!

The evening in question turned up and nobody had made me a better offer so I drove deeper into Wales than I already am. Uncharacteristically punctual, I was in time for food and introductions and had the chilling realisation that I was the only Community Pharmacist there! Clearly the Faculty wasn’t meant for the likes of me and if only I’d read the information from day one, I wouldn’t have come!

How wrong I was! At the risk of causing embarrassment, Hannah Wilton, Faculty Development Lead who gave the presentation from the Society, was excellent and it soon became apparent that, contrary to first impressions, this really was meant for me! I understood it. It wasn’t difficult. And furthermore, it transpires that it all counts towards my CPD. Two birds with one stone.

Feeling smug I set off home. It even finished early!

So, if you are a pharmacist working in Wales, and, like me, you have a tendency to procrastinate, why not attend a Faculty surgery? The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Wales is planning to hold more Faculty surgeries later this year.