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Jodie Williamson MRPharmS, Pharmacist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Jodie Williamson MRPharmS, Pharmacist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

by Jodie Williamson, Pharmacist and Professional Development and Engagement Lead at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Wales

Every member of the pharmacy team has a story, and here at RPS Wales we want to hear yours. We collect the stories of our members and their colleagues here in Wales, and we want to share them more widely in words, images and videos, to help shine a light on the world of pharmacy & showcase the amazing work that’s being done by pharmacy teams right across Wales on a daily basis.

Stories are really powerful, and hearing a story or gaining an insight into someone’s daily life tells people considering pharmacy as a career, along with other healthcare professionals and members of the public, what we do and how we help more than facts and figures can.

Why share your story?

Sharing your pharmacy story with us could help in so many ways. It could help someone who might be feeling alone to reach out and get support. It could motivate someone to develop their professional skills or work toward their RPS Faculty membership. It could inspire someone to branch out from their comfort zone and expand the horizons of where their pharmacy career could take them. Or, if it’s a funny, heartwarming, or celebratory story, it could simply cheer up a fellow professional who’s having a bad day!

Whether you’re a student, preregistration trainee, practising pharmacist, Fellow, or retired, we’d love to hear from you. We want to hear all sorts of stories – from a day in the life blog giving a real overview of your role, to a single memory or anecdote that encapsulates what being a pharmacist means to you, and why it’s so important!

If you have a story that you’d like to share, just drop me an email at or give me a call on 02920 730 317 for a chat about how we can support you to tell it!

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