Mar 02 2015

Driving after taking drugs and medicines

Katie Perkins folded armsBy Katie Perkins, RPS Support Pharmacist

A new law on driving after taking drugs and medicines comes into force today in England and Wales. This law will make it easier for the Police to tackle those who drive after taking illegal drugs or abusing medicinal drugs. Read more »

Feb 02 2015

RPS Fellowship – “a valuable career milestone”

barry2by Barry Jubraj,  FHEA, FFRPS, FRPharmS, Honorary Associate Professor, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & UCL School of Pharmacy

Becoming a Fellow

I have been a Fellow of the Society for a couple of years and still remember vividly my wife telephoning me at work to tell me the news.   So inspired was I by colleagues taking time out to do this for me, that I found out what I would need to do to nominate someone else for Fellowship.  I wanted others to experience the feeling I did; that the years of hard work has been worth it.

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Jan 21 2015

Leadership – it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it


by Marianne MacDonald, RPS Leadership Workstream Project Manager

It’s a new year and a new approach to leadership from the RPS with this month’s launch of the Leadership Development Framework! But what does it mean for you as a pharmacist?

Maybe you think it’s not relevant? After all, you’re already in a leadership role. Or if you’re in the foundation years of pharmacy or just returning to practice, you may feel you lack the experience or confidence to be a leader. Read more »

Dec 17 2014

Pharmacists’ role in urgent and emergency care


Keith Willettby Keith Willett, NHS England’s Director for Acute Episodes of Care, and leader of NHS England’s Urgent and Emergency Care Review

The urgent and emergency care review is very clear about the number of points in the pathway where pharmacists can contribute.  Pharmacy is one of the most under-appreciated professional groups in terms of the impact they can have on urgent and emergency care.

If we start at the care pathway, there are things pharmacists can contribute, particularly around medicines optimisation and advance care planning for patients, such as how they want to respond to exacerbations in their illness. Read more »

Dec 15 2014

Is your revision ONtrack?

photo Marina

By Marina Ayad Lambros MRPharmS, qualified July 2014

And the countdown begins…

I did my pre-registration training last year at The Imperial College NHS Trust; my year was packed with learning, new challenges and many achievements. However, I decided at the end of the year that I wanted a bit more experience within community so I am currently locuming for many large chain companies including Superdrug and several independent pharmacies. I found that having the ability to be organised and use time wisely is key if you want to succeed as a pre-registration pharmacist and as a qualified pharmacist. As a result I’ve put together some revision advice for those of you undertaking your training this year!

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Dec 09 2014

Developing a research strategy for Wales

Sarah Hiom 150x150
Dr Sarah Hiom, MPharmS, PhD, All Wales Specialist Pharmacist, R & D, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

A core message coming from our professional leaders is that ‘research is everybody’s business.’ A Research and Evaluation cluster is now included in the Advanced Pharmacy Framework of the RPS Faculty. Increasingly, the commissioning of NHS services is being based on patient outcomes so the need to provide evidence to support our current or future services is essential. Read more »

Dec 04 2014

Faculty Action Learning Sets – getting by with a little help from our friends

Rob Davies150x150
By Rob Davies, MFRPSII MRPharmS, Primary Care Pharmacist BCUHB, Board Member RPS Wales, Faculty Champion

As I was writing this blog, I was reminded of a line from one of my favourite Beatles songs: “With a little help from my friends”. For me, this encapsulates the essence of an RPS Faculty Action Learning Set: to be helped on your Faculty journey and help others on theirs. Read more »

Dec 04 2014

Develop your staff through the Faculty

By Sudhir Sehrawat, Director & Superintendent Pharmacist, Insync Healthcare Pharmacy, Cardiff South Wales, Cardiff and Vale LPF Lead

As we near the end of 2014, I am fortunate to have been nominated LPF Lead for Cardiff and Vale Local Practice Forum. For me, this post is full of excitement, opportunities and challenges. Cardiff and Vale LPF have an enthusiastic steering group and committed members. As we head into 2015 we are tasked with growing the membership – a challenge for all LPFs! Read more »

Nov 07 2014

Antimicrobial resistance – how you can make the difference


By Neal Patel, Head of Corporate Communications, RPS

This week the Royal Pharmaceutical Society hosted a national Antimicrobial Summit in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Nursing, and in collaboration with Public Health England and the Department of Health.

This event recognised the fact that antimicrobial resistance is everyone’s problem and will require collective as well as individual action to meet the public health challenge resistance poses. Read more »

Oct 31 2014

Winter pressures campaigns – pharmacists and urgent care

david-banford(1)by David Branford, Chair of the English Pharmacy Board

This year NHS England has promoted two campaigns encouraging people to visit their pharmacist for early health advice when they feel unwell. As far as I know this is unprecedented.

The campaigns aim to address winter pressures on the urgent care system by raising public awareness of community pharmacies as the place to go with common health problems. It has been developed in response the findings of NHS England’s review into urgent and emergency care. Read more »