A closer look at a clinical pharmacy career path

Hospital Pharmacy ImageJill Holden, Lead Clinical Pharmacist, and Lindsay Parkin, Academic Practitioner,both at City Hospitals Sunderland, give us an oversight of what career progression in clinical pharmacy typically involves; what you can expect in terms of responsibility at each stage post-registration, and what opportunities are available within a clinical career.

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Pharmacists and Clinical Trials

By Professor Jayne Lawrence, Chief Scientist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Dr Rachel Joynes, Head of Research and Evaluation  

Today is International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD). Now in its 11th year, ICTD is celebrated around the world to commemorate the day James Lind started his famous clinical trial on scurvy. The day is an opportunity for organisations and clinical research professionals to discuss the benefits that involvement and engagement in research can bring. But what role do pharmacists play in clinical trials? And what opportunities are there to engage?  Read more Pharmacists and Clinical Trials

Maximising efficiency in hospitals from a grass roots level: Implementing the Carter review

Anthony sinclairEarlier this year Lord Carter published his review into NHS trusts, outlining how efficiency savings could be made if hospitals were able to standardise procedures, increase their transparency and integrate more effectively with the local NHS architecture.

The review summarised a number of key recommendations to ensure that the NHS gets the best value possible from its £102 billion budget, and outlined a strategy to maximise efficiency, allowing patients to access high quality care every day of the week regardless of their region. Read more Maximising efficiency in hospitals from a grass roots level: Implementing the Carter review

Careers advice for Recently qualified pharmacists

HarpreetOn Thursday 5th of May recently qualified pharmacists gathered together for our Pharmacy Careers event, looking for guidance and advice on where a career in pharmacy can take them and what they can do to realise their ambitions.

Ash Soni, the president of the RPS, opened the event discussing the emerging opportunities for pharmacists who are willing to embrace change. He described how resilience is a crucial skill for modern pharmacists and that emerging new roles for pharmacists provided exciting opportunities in the near future.

“The only limit to your career within Pharmacy is your imagination” – Ash Soni

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Identifying Leadership to help build your Faculty portfolio

Susan Ibrahim editedby Susan Youssef MFRPSII MRPharmS

Leadership inspires pharmacists and their teams to achieve high standards of performance and personal development. The Faculty leadership cluster ties into this by allowing you to record the many instances where leadership has been applied successfully as a pharmacist. Initially the way I approached the leadership cluster was by referring to the framework competencies and comparing these to my CPD records and my CV, I then selected suitable examples which I could use for the leadership cluster. Read more Identifying Leadership to help build your Faculty portfolio

An overview of careers in the pharmaceutical industry

Richard Bray ImageConsidering a career in Industry? Not sure where to start, or want to know all of your options? Richard Bray, Consultant Clinical Pharmacist and Technical Director of Pharmacology, takes us through a comprehensive breakdown of the pharmaceutical industry, highlighting the different roles and what to expect therein.

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Coping with exam stress

caroleThere is a word that has the unique power to bring a storm of emotions on every student. It is more often than not a synonym of stress, panic, anxiety and self-doubt. You’ve guessed it: EXAMS!

Some extraordinary people thrive when they are faced with exams. They find a way to use the pressure to their advantage, and they succeed. Unfortunately, for us mere mortals, exams can be a tough pill to swallow. Like many of you, I have had my fair share of worry with exams looming just around the corner. Over the years however, I have learned how to overcome these insecurities and how to deal with them.

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Keeping up to date as a locum pharmacist

Daniel Sutcliffe - 150Working as a locum pharmacist provides the opportunity to experience lots of different working environments and ways of practicing. However, being self-employed places a large responsibility on your shoulders for keeping up date with current practices in pharmacy. Alongside new medicines and clinical guidelines there’s also new systems and processes being rolled out all the time. With so much change occurring it’s essential for pharmacists to be on top of their game. Read more Keeping up to date as a locum pharmacist