Mar 26 2015

Diary of a Pre-Reg: How Research Changed the System

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset By Andrew Carruthers, Pre-registration  Hospital Pharmacist with NHS GGC

Within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde,     pharmacists and nursing staff were concerned. The vancomycin guidelines, which required maintenance doses to be administered during the night, were leaving patients exhausted. Read more »

Mar 18 2015

We need more pharmacists in the general practice team

Rena AminBy Rena Amin, Joint Associate Director Medicine Management, NHS Greenwich CCG

Having a pharmacist working as part of the team in a GP practice isn’t a brand new idea – I’ve been doing it for the last ten years. I have colleagues doing the same in pockets around the country but I hope it won’t be long before it’s seen as the norm.

People might be sceptical about seeing a pharmacist in a GP surgery. Why do we need pharmacists in GP practices? What would they do? And how would they benefit the patient? Read more »

Mar 13 2015

Join me on the first step of my Faculty journey


by Greg Lawton MRPharmS, Professional Standards Manager, Boots

I recently re-joined the RPS because I was attracted by what the Faculty has to offer. The RPS Faculty has opened its doors to members with two to 10 years’ experience. I will be documenting my journey, from working through my portfolio to completing the Faculty Practice Assessment (FPA), through a series of video blogs, so that you can share my experiences with me and decide if you want take part in the next wave of assessments.

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Mar 10 2015

Yellow is the new black

Susan Huey 150x150Susan Huey, Clinical Pharmacist, Pre-registration Tutor and Yellow Card Champion for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Have you completed a yellow card? Are you encouraging your patients to report any adverse side effects to any medicines they are taking? All of us can do our part to help ensure healthcare products are acceptably safe for patients. Read more »

Mar 10 2015

Being a board member – what I have learned so far

Paul Harris 150x150By Paul Harris, Welsh Pharmacy Board member and Wales External Relationships Lead for Boots UK

In June 2014, I was elected to the Welsh Pharmacy Board of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS). One year on, I feel confident in my role but I remember well how I felt during the first weeks of my appointment Read more »

Mar 06 2015

The 14th Joint QP Symposium “cannot be more relevant to the modern day QP”

Eric 150by Eric Che MRPharmS,  Quality Assurance Manager and Qualified Person, St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust

One would suggest that the biggest challenge to all modern day QPs is to keep up to date with the constant evolving regulatory landscape whilst keeping afloat with day to day business.

In 2013 I attended the 13th Joint QP symposium organised by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Biology.  It was particularly reassuring to hear colleagues and QPs from various industries and backgrounds sharing similar challenges that I faced in my area of interest.  Beyond sharing challenges, they also shared their approaches in dealing with these challenges.  The panel question session provided opportunity for the attendees to interact with the speakers via posting questions.  There were many learning points that I noted from the panel question session.

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Mar 02 2015

Driving after taking drugs and medicines

Katie Perkins folded armsBy Katie Perkins, RPS Support Pharmacist

A new law on driving after taking drugs and medicines comes into force today in England and Wales. This law will make it easier for the Police to tackle those who drive after taking illegal drugs or abusing medicinal drugs. Read more »

Feb 02 2015

RPS Fellowship – “a valuable career milestone”

barry2by Barry Jubraj,  FHEA, FFRPS, FRPharmS, Honorary Associate Professor, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & UCL School of Pharmacy

Becoming a Fellow

I have been a Fellow of the Society for a couple of years and still remember vividly my wife telephoning me at work to tell me the news.   So inspired was I by colleagues taking time out to do this for me, that I found out what I would need to do to nominate someone else for Fellowship.  I wanted others to experience the feeling I did; that the years of hard work has been worth it.

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Jan 21 2015

Leadership – it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it


by Marianne MacDonald, RPS Leadership Workstream Project Manager

It’s a new year and a new approach to leadership from the RPS with this month’s launch of the Leadership Development Framework! But what does it mean for you as a pharmacist?

Maybe you think it’s not relevant? After all, you’re already in a leadership role. Or if you’re in the foundation years of pharmacy or just returning to practice, you may feel you lack the experience or confidence to be a leader. Read more »

Dec 17 2014

Pharmacists’ role in urgent and emergency care


Keith Willettby Keith Willett, NHS England’s Director for Acute Episodes of Care, and leader of NHS England’s Urgent and Emergency Care Review

The urgent and emergency care review is very clear about the number of points in the pathway where pharmacists can contribute.  Pharmacy is one of the most under-appreciated professional groups in terms of the impact they can have on urgent and emergency care.

If we start at the care pathway, there are things pharmacists can contribute, particularly around medicines optimisation and advance care planning for patients, such as how they want to respond to exacerbations in their illness. Read more »