What 2014 has in store for pharmacy

jessby Jessica Sheridan-Sneyd

In last week’s blog I talked about some of the key achievements we saw in 2013. I now want to look forward across 2014 – because it’s going to be one busy year!

We will be continuing our work in many areas, pushing for developments in vital areas of practice and policy. You may already know that we’ve just launched our Foundation Pharmacy Framework, an invaluable resource designed to support foundation level pharmacists to develop professional skills and behaviours and practice safely and effectively in all areas of practice.

Members can look forward to a rejuvenated print version of your Pharmaceutical Journal and new PJ website, a valuable source of information for news, opinion, learning and career development. The Faculty will also be launching new resources to help guide your progression and Faculty membership will open to members who have been practicing for two years or more.

We are currently developing public health practice standards in collaboration with the Faculty of Public Health (FPH), the Royal Society of Public Health, employers, Directors of Public Health and public health pharmacy experts and practitioners. The standards will provide a framework to help pharmacy teams to design, implement and monitor high quality public health practice.

We will also be publishing additional professional resources to help with GPHC inspection and standards, which will help improve quality and systems, encouraging pharmacists and pharmacies to excel.

A key publication in 2014 will be New Medicines, Better Medicines, Better Use of Medicines, an innovative guide describing the full spectrum of pharmaceutical science activity and demonstrating the interdependencies which are critical to the development of new and better medicines and the better use of medicines. We will also be leading some of the recommendations for action made in the guide.

Of course these are only some of the key things we’ll be working on this year, to support the development of our members and UK pharmacy in general. We featured in national and regional media on average every two days last year, and we plan to keep that up. The public need to know and understand the vital role that pharmacists have to play.

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