The BNF: How do you tag yours?

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by Jessica Sheridan-Sneyd, Communications Executive

Are you a pre-reg trainee coming up to the final exam? We’ve put together some advice for tagging your BNF.

The GPhC allow you to tag your BNF for the exam so that you can easily find the information you’re looking for.

The GPhC says:

The text printed may be supplemented by hand-written (not printed) highlights, tabs, corrections and comments. The annotation should complement the purposes of the adjacent text and therefore the inclusion of additional material, including photocopies, is not allowed.

You need to be aware that invigilators will check reference sources on the day of the assessment. They will remove additional materials and if serious misconduct is suspected it may result in you being awarded a fail.

Tagging your BNF comes down to personal preference. It’s about making life easier for you. Here are our top tips to get you started:

  • Start by identifying the sections that you may want to skip to quickly in the exam. Tag the sections down the side of the book, and tag any useful guidance and charts along the top.
  • Don’t get carried away and over tag or annotate/highlight too much – it will only make it harder for you to find the relevant information.
  • Use plenty of colours, and have fun!
  • Use the tagging process as part of your revision – concentrate on a topic at a time as you work your way through.
  • If you’re going to tag your BNF, do it sooner rather than later. This way you can get used to it and identify if you need to amend any tags or highlight any sections you may have missed.

Members can also log-in to the website to read our guide, How to use the BNF, which describes how the BNF is structured, what you can find in each section and the symbols to look out for.

How do you tag yours? Post a photo or some advice for others over on our Facebook page.

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