Now is the time to stand out! Why students should attend the RPS Annual Conference

Yasmin blogYasmin Bayatpoor, pharmacy student.

We all know that one of the main and most asked questions in summer placement and pre-reg interviews concerns recent healthcare news and events in pharmacy. RPS conferences are the main way to demonstrate your enthusiasm and engagement with this almost guaranteed topic.

How many times have you thought, ‘I’ll worry about my pre-reg application in third or fourth year!’, ‘Right now I’ll concentrate on exams’ or ‘I want to have a good summer because once I am a pharmacist I’ll never have a long summer again’? Chances are you will end up looking through BBC News (like every other student) and hoping that this will be enough to show prospective tutors you have that all important ‘well rounded understanding of pharmacy as a profession and all current news and events’.

Now is the time to stand out!

Stand out from all other applicants who have just read about the current affairs. Come along to the RPS Annual Conference to be on the front line of current events.

There aren’t enough hours in the day for pharmacy students but at least in September your studies aren’t in full roll, so if there’s a time in the academic year that we can attend conferences it is September! Pre-reg interviews typically take place in September; this means the topics highlighted during conference will still be current around the time of your interview.

The conference is a fantastic way to show professional development and to earn CPD points. It is the only opportunity we have as a profession to come together – and networking will be key at this year’s Annual Conference. With 450+ delegates anticipated, the pharmacists attending may be one of your future employers and it is a fantastic opportunity to network and become known early on in your career. The pharmacy world is very small and who knows, you may have even spoken to a future interviewer at conference, which is one of the best, if not the best conversation starter at any interview.

The reality of it is, whether you show interest in your profession, or not, you will all have to finish university, find a pre-reg, do your pre-reg, sit the pre-reg exam and it is more likely than not you will be a pharmacist for the rest of your career. So – if you haven’t already embraced pharmacy, now is the time and the Annual Conference is the perfect way to begin your career.

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