Faculty eight week fast track plan- Week six: Review your evidence

faculty-eight-week-blogI mentioned in last week’s blog that my step by step approach was perhaps not as efficient as it could be, and I found that I had spent a lot of time uploading evidence to cluster one. This week, I decided to adopt a slightly different approach. I used the evidence summary with my hand-written notes and I uploaded all the entries that I had written down (but did not map them). This meant that I had around 30 entries on my portfolio. Once uploaded I felt some were duplication of the same theme/area of practice so I then removed them.

I found this helped me have a good overview of all my entries and I used the ‘View your Matrix’ tab on the portfolio as a check point for where I still had gaps. Also I used the ‘entries’ tab and then filtered by ‘unmapped entries’ to keep track on which were entries that had not been mapped versus those that had been completed. I seemed to have had a ‘light-bulb moment’ this week and my entries and impact statements are getting much easier to write. Confidence is on the up!

I also took the opportunity this week to finalise the date for my REPP assessment, which I will be completing in the upcoming week.

I have dedicated a lot of time this week to getting my portfolio entries complete, and thereby the work-life balance has been firmly set at pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy! However, I now feel back on track with the eight week programme and the hard work is paying off. The finishing line is in sight, and I can’t believe Sue and I are about to commence week seven.

image-150x150Sue’s thoughts
I have not had quite such a good week as work commitments have been greater with exam papers to finalise, however I do agree that the entries are flowing better. I have adopted the approach of getting everything down and then fine tuning it afterwards but having spoken to Amareen I’m taking a moment out to recheck the impact statements to make sure I’m writing sufficient evidence as it will mean less fine tuning in the end.

I am still disappointed in not getting all my testimonials in despite reminders.  Amareen pointed out the link doesn’t work in old versions of Internet Explorer which may explain why most of mine are hospital people who haven’t replied.  Retrospectively I wish I’d asked for home e-mail addresses to avoid this complication. I am not sure about the impact of not having the testimonials I consider most relevant but I now have a mentor so I will be chatting about that this week with them. I’m also looking forward to meeting with Amareen again to review our entries and hopefully re-boost my confidence!

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