RPS Local in Scotland: Bringing RPS closer to you (Part 3, Interview with Lesley McArthur)

Lesley McArthurArticle by Lesley McArthur, RPS local coordinator for Forth Valley

I never know how to start these things, but here goes… Lesley McArthur (the concise version)… qualified 1989 (gasp) and worked in community pharmacy for the vast majority of my career. There’s not much I haven’t done in those 30 years, really, including recruitment, training, management, HR with a wee diversion into GP practice work. Lately, I’ve had a portfolio of work…

I’ve worked as a locum in Forth Valley and Fife, written training modules for NES and policy consultation responses for the RPS, which led me to here. I’m also starting a new role with Lindsay and Gilmour very soon… it’s all very exciting!

Most importantly, I’m a Mum to a gorgeous 21-year-old, Ross (gasp again) and partner to an equally gorgeous 50-year-old, Andrew. I can’t cook but can sing and do so in a local choir. Working with Aileen Bryson and the team at RPS in Scotland reignited my passion for pharmacy, pharmacists and the RPS. The local coordinator role came just at the right time and I hope that my passion for all things pharmacy will be infectious (just like chickenpox but less itchy).

First challenge? Bums on seats. Forth Valley is at the same time small, central and remote and rural, which makes it more difficult to attract pharmacists to an evening event. However, with the support of the Scottish Pharmacy Board and the team in Edinburgh, as well as the many, many people I’ll be involving, I will aim at making our events engaging, enlightening and anything but boring (see what I did there?). Looking to the future, topics may include wellbeing, first aid and how to love being a locum (from personal experience).

We will also have clinically focused events, perhaps in line with local and national priorities.

Anyone itching to get involved? (chickenpox again) Get in touch! All ideas welcomed.

The next event in RPS Forth Valley is on 7 February in The Grand Manor Hotel in Grangemouth.

All RPS Local events in Scotland in 2018 will be available for booking through the RPS event page. Dates and venues to be announced in due course. If you want to get instant updates on any of our local events, please follow @RPSScotLocal on Twitter.

You can also read Part 1 (Interview with John McAnaw) and Part 2 (Interview with Annamarie McGregor) of our RPS local blog series.

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