Buying medicines online, false claims and real risks

nealpatel2By Neal Patel,MRPharmS

The most recent tragic death from taking the chemical DNP in order to lose weight has highlighted yet again the risks of buying online from unregulated websites.

Criminals are involved in this illegal supply, providing you with chemicals like DNP, which they promote as a slimming aid.  It’s actually a pesticide and unfit for human consumption.

Websites may offer to provide you with prescription medicines without a prescription, but when we have tested these products they either contain nothing at all or substances that can serious harm your health.  Those running these websites don’t care about your health, they only care about getting your cash, and there’s no recourse if things go wrong. Read more Buying medicines online, false claims and real risks

Networking: Not for you? Think again

Networkby Jessica Sheridan-Sneyd, Communications Executive

Whether you’re a student, recently qualified, or an experienced pharmacist, networking is key to your career, enabling you to stay in touch with peers and with developments in the profession.

Being part of a network can be a breath of fresh air, especially for those pharmacists who spend much of their time working alone or within small teams. It is also useful for pharmacists looking to develop their careers and gain experience, and particularly locums, for whom a network of contacts is invaluable for finding work.

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Supporting our members through Twitter

Helen Chang, RPS Support Manager

by Helen Chang, Professional Support Pharmacist, RPS Support Manager

Our team is relatively new to social media so learning about unfamiliar terms like ‘handle’ and ‘hashtag’ has been quite interesting for us. We traditionally produce resources that have a lot of text so keeping our messages short and sweet wasn’t easy at first. Having got to grips with it though we are now really enjoying this new way of communicating, and are steadily growing in followers.

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