Develop your staff through the Faculty

By Sudhir Sehrawat, Director & Superintendent Pharmacist, Insync Healthcare Pharmacy, Cardiff South Wales, Cardiff and Vale LPF Lead

As we near the end of 2014, I am fortunate to have been nominated LPF Lead for Cardiff and Vale Local Practice Forum. For me, this post is full of excitement, opportunities and challenges. Cardiff and Vale LPF have an enthusiastic steering group and committed members. As we head into 2015 we are tasked with growing the membership – a challenge for all LPFs!

As an employer of two non-member pharmacists, I have wrestled with gaining their commitment to join the RPS. What are the benefits for them? What can the RPS offer? Can they afford the annual membership? These are all valid questions that non-members ask.

So I have changed tack and asked myself: ‘As an employer, what can the RPS offer to help me develop my pharmacists?’ The answer may be the RPS Faculty. The Faculty is a robust but simple professional recognition programme designed to identify what pharmacists need to know at different stages of practice. The framework helps to pinpoint strengths that you can evidence and identify areas of practice that require developing. As a Faculty member, you have access to a range of services, which will support your professional development, and once your portfolio has been recognised you can demonstrate your capabilities to your patients, the public and your employer.

The RPS Faculty is perfectly positioned to support pharmacists Personal Development Plans (PDPs). As an employer, I am confident that with the wealth of resources provided by the RPS Faculty my pharmacists will be supported to develop their competencies.

As LPF Lead, I welcome other LPFs to join us in promoting the RPS Faculty. In Cardiff and Vale, we are inviting key stakeholders to engage with the LPF so we can understand how the RPS can support their businesses.

As an employer, I would encourage other employers to consider how the RPS Faculty can support the development of their pharmacists. And to all employee pharmacists, speak to your employer about the RPS Faculty – your LPFs will support you!

For more information about the Faculty please visit the Faculty website.

Have a great Christmas & New Year.